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International Program Information

intlThroughout the centuries the Arabian horse, which has always represented beauty, nobility and honor in the Islamic world, has become a symbol of these attributes throughout the entire world.   While many countries are proud of their indigenous breeds, the Arabian breed is unique, serving as a global ambassador, celebrated and bred in almost every country in the world.  

Al Shaqab has developed a stellar international breeding program which reflects these diverse bloodlines.   Their World Champion and renowned sire of champions, Marwan Al Shaqab, is a perfect example.   Bred by Al Shaqab in Qatar, his pedigree reflects horses bred in Russia, Egypt, Poland, the United States, England, Syria and France.  Yet every line of his genealogy traces back to his own homeland - the deserts of Arabia.   Al Shaqab continues to breed the finest of these international bloodlines, with a goal of producing horses competitive at the highest levels that will also contribute to a bright future for the Arabian breed.

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