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“Welcome to Al Shaqab Volunteer Section. Al Shaqab Volunteer Program is intended to support Al Shaqab, providing manpower resources through active participation of volunteers in all events held in Al Shaqab facilities. We believe that the invaluable contributions of volunteers are significant for the success of the events in Al Shaqab.

Al Shaqab plays an important role in community development in Qatar as we continuously hold local and international equestrian events in the country. It is our pleasure to share the experience and success of these events with the community. We welcome all to become part of our Volunteering Team and take an active role in organizing and supporting events while gaining memorable experience and improving relevant skills.

We are continuously recruiting volunteers and everyone is welcome to apply, following the instructions on this website. I would also like to extend our sincerest gratitude to our Volunteers who have participated in our previous events and I hope to see you in our future activities.”

Fatin Al Sada
Al Shaqab Head of HR

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