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The Al Shaqab Endurance Team participates in races throughout the world, competing in marathon races on horseback at 80km up to the World Championship distance of 160km.

As one of the fastest growing FEI international equestrian events, endurance racing consists of varied terrain through a course in the desert.  There are mandatory check points where all horses must pass a veterinary inspection, including tests for heart rate, respiratory abilities and dehydration.  A horse must pass the inspection to continue on to the next checkpoint, including a final inspection at the end of the race to clock an official time.  Any horse that does not pass a test in the checkpoint, or is considered lame, is eliminated from the race.

Al Shaqab’s Team competes annually throughout the Middle East and Europe, having its largest campaigns in Qatar and France. In recent years, the team has also traveled to competitions in South America, United States and East Asia.

When competing at home, the team participates in races at the Qatar Endurance Village in Mesiaeed, Qatar, located near Sealine Beach. All races are open and free for the public to attend.

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