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AL SHAQAB Successfully Conducts Annual Horse Auction

AL SHAQAB Successfully Conducts Annual Horse Auction

Publication Date:
10/03/16 11:00 AM
Breeding & Show, Corporate

Al Shaqab, member of Qatar Foundation, successfully held its sixth annual auction on 9 Mar 2016 which saw more than 200 horse owners and lovers from Qatar and overseas flocking to its premises to view and purchase the best of Pure Bred and Straight Egyptian Arabian horses in the region. And, even the rain could not stop them from attending the event.

 Bidding at the auction came fast and furious as bidders try to outbid each other in their quest to own one of the prized horses, pedigrees of the most famous Arabian horses that have won various awards in International and Regional competitions. A total of 103 horses made up of foals, mares and stallions were sold during the auction.

Organised by Al Shaqab’s Breeding and Show Department, the auction started at 2:00 pm and took almost 6 hours to complete due to the large number of horses available for sale. Mr. Faisal Al Rahmalni, one of the best auction organizers in the Arab world, conducted the bid proceedings. Wind Kamelia, a Pure Bred Arabian mare fetched the highest price of QAR500,000. She is 9 years old and a daughter of WH Justice, who had won multiple awards at various championships. Another notable Pure Bred, Yara Al Shaqab, a daughter of Al Shaqab’s legendary Marwan Al Shaqab, fetched QAR420,000.

The Al Shaqab Auction and Open Day are held annually at Al Shaqab. This year, however, they were held on different days due to the large number of participating horses. It is expected that, in the coming years, more and more horse enthusiasts will be attending the Annual Al Shaqab Auction.


  • Fadi_AlShaqab_469-p_shqb-italy10.jpg

    Fadi Al Shaqab

    (Besson Carol x Abha Myra)
    2008 Bay Stallion
    International Program

  • IMG_3080.jpg

    Al Adeed Al Shaqab

    (Ansata Halim Shah x Sundar Alisayyah)
    1995 Grey Stallion
    Straight Egyptian Program

  • Farhoud04032010_0008(2-High).jpg

    Farhoud Al Shaqab

    (Al Adeed Al Shaqab x Johara Al Shaqab)
    2008 Grey Stallion
    Straight Egyptian Program

  • blue-marwan.jpg

    Marwan Al Shaqab

    (Gazal Al Shaqab x Little Liza Fame)
    2000 Bay Stallion
    International Program

  • 273P7178.jpg

    Gazal Al Shaqab

    (Anaza El Farid x Kajora)
    1995 Bay Stallion
    International Program

  • AX2E2012.JPG

    Kahil Al Shaqab

    (Marwan Al Shaqab x OFW Mishaahl)
    2008 Bay Stallion
    International Program