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Al Shaqab wins remarkable title of “Stud - Best Breeder Worldwide” at the Egyptian Event Europe

Publication Date:
05/09/19 8:22 AM
Breeding & Show

Al Shaqab, member of Qatar Foundation, has won the enviable title of “Stud - Best Breeder Worldwide” at the Egyptian Event Europe, Kleinheubach, Germany. The outstanding victory was accompanied by several other remarkable titles won by horses bred and sired at Al Shaqab.

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 The season has been marked by several triumphs at International Arabian Horse Shows held across Europe and the United States. At the recent Egyptian Event Europe, Naeem Al Waab, a yearling colt from Al Shaqab, was crowned champion. Four other contenders from Al Shaqab also won significant positions.
This success once again underscores Al Shaqab’s position as an equestrian center of excellence and its successful breeding program. Stallions, mares, colts, and fillies sired and bred by Al Shaqab’s leading stallions, regularly prove their superior lineage by winning at leading international shows.
Sheikh Hamad Bin Ali Al Thani, Manager of the Al Shaqab Breeding & Show Department, said: “We are delighted with the consistent accomplishments of Al Shaqab’s horses. They continue putting in prize-winning performances. At the recent Egyptian Event Europe, the performance of the horses from the Al Rayyan Stud was also remarkable. This victory is a fitting tribute to Qatar’s equestrian culture and legacy.”
The Egyptian Event Europe is the premier Straight Egyptian Arabian horse show in Europe, for those with a passion for Egyptian lines. It is the biggest pure Egyptian show outside of the United States and showcases the very best Egyptian horses from across Europe and the Middle East.
Prizes won by Al Shaqab horses:
Naeem Al Waab (Barraq Al Alia x Nabeela Sakr) - Gold Champ (yearling colt)
Saeeda Al Shaqab (Al Rasheed Al Rayyan x Nouf Al Shaqab) - Silver Champ (yearling filly)
Ambera Al Shaqab (Ansata Nile Echo x Dawlah Al Shaqab) - Silver Champ (junior filly)
Tibra Al Shaqab (FarhoudAl Shaqab x Twom Hiddiyya) - Silver Champ (senior mare)
Sadeer Al Shaqab (Sinan Al Rayyan Kawkeb Al Shaqab) - Bronze Champ (colt)
Prizes won by Al Rayyan horses
Asfoor Al Rayyan – Gold Champ (colt)

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