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The Al Shaqab International Arabian Horse Show Held Under the Esteemed Patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Joaan Bin Hamad Al Thani, Concluded with a Resounding Success

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Breeding & Show

Organized by Al Shaqab, a member of Qatar Foundation, the event held over two days at the magnificent Longines Arena Al Shaqab embodied a significant milestone for the Arabian Show Horse industry in Qatar and the wider region. The eye-catching show featured more than 250 of the finest purebred Arabians horses from Qatar and abroad.


High-profile attendees, including several dignitaries, sheikhs, and prominent figures among the tournament's guests and equestrian sports enthusiasts, witnessed today's competitions. The championship saw extensive participation from outside the country, with over 272 registered horses, including 70 from beyond Qatar. The total prize money amounted to approximately 4 million Qatari riyals.


The tournament's organizing committee allocated substantial cash prizes for the first-place winners in all categories (mares, colts aged one and two years, three-year-olds, stallions, and fillies). The winner of the first place and the gold medal received a prize of 100,000 Qatari riyals, the second-place winner with the silver medal received 70,000 Qatari riyals, and the third-place winner with the bronze medal received 45,000 Qatari riyals.


The show, which was witnessed by a packed crowd, not only showcased the beauty and grace of purebred Arabian horses but also celebrated the traditional and cultural significance of owning these magnificent creatures, reflecting the deep-seated love for Arabian horses in the community.

On the final day of the event, Abdullateef Basheer Reja Alrasheedi’s Bashir Al Bashir claimed the top honours in the Senior Stallions Championship. Badi Athbah, owned by Al Jazeel Stud, was second with Aladeed Stud’s Falah Al Shaqab taking the third place.


DA Magic Moment owned by Nasser Mohammed M A Al Hajri won the Senior Mares Championship. Al Thamer Stud's AJ Sara took the second place, followed by Al Hamad Stud's E.M Queen Desert.

The Junior Colts Championship was won by Bahi Al Jaham, which is owned by Al Jaham Stud. Hamad Bin Muhamed Al Rajhi/Al Rajhiah Stud’s Alsultan RJ was second, followed by Sons Mubark Hindi Al Khaldi/Alkhawolid Stud’s Dawood Al Muawd.


Majed Mohammed A. Alnukhaysh’s Shmooa Al Enaya won the Shmooa Al Enaya ahead of Mzoon Al Diriyah, owned by Mesfer Mohammed M A Al Hajri. Sab'ah Al Shahania of HE Sheikha Iman Mohamed K H Al Thani finished third.


An international judging committee oversaw the championship, including Renata Schibler from Switzerland, Josy Everars from Belgium, Helen Heijink Van Neis from Belgium, Marek Trzela from Poland, Rob de Hartog from the Netherlands, Terry Holmes from the United States, Christine Vallet from France, Soheil Sanaati from Iran, Basem Bader from Saudi Arabia, Mohamed Hassan from Egypt, Barbara Visser from Switzerland, and Mohamed Hamad from Egypt.


Khaled Al Juhani, the tournament Director and Manager of Breeding & Show, expressed that the championship witnessed outstanding participation in all its aspects, resulting in strong competition for the quality of the participating horses. He emphasized that Al Shaqab focuses on the rich cultural heritage that encourages owning purebred Arabian horses in Qatari society. This leading event aims to contribute to the development and promotion of purebred Arabian horses on both the local and international levels.


Al Juhani pointed out that Al Shaqab’s philosophy in horse breeding revolves around preserving the Arabian lineage and producing beautiful and athletic horses with strong structures. The tournament featured participants from five countries outside Qatar in its first edition, and he hopes for increased local and international participation in the future.


Dr. Fahad Al Hajri, Manager of Protocol and International Affairs, stated that the tournament achieved great success in terms of significant participation from horse owners inside and outside Qatar. The championship, which concluded its competitions today, received significant attention and support from equestrian enthusiasts in Qatar in terms of audience attendance. He added that the championship is internationally accredited and classified within category B, by the European Conference of Arab Horse Organizations (ECAHO) and qualifies for higher-ranked international tournaments.


Al Hajri emphasized that the championship is eligible for upcoming international tournaments with an A/Title Show ranking. He extended thanks on behalf of the Al Shaqab board to everyone who contributed to the success of the tournament, both technically and organizationally, as well as to media representatives for their excellent coverage of the championship's events held over two consecutive days. During this time, Al Shaqab ensured that the tournament met the comfort of the attendees by organizing the Al Shaqab Hayyakum Event and various activities for all ages of families and children in the entertainment area. Additionally, there were numerous restaurants and cafes catering to various tastes.


His Excellency Sheikh Hamad bin Ali Al Thani expressed his delight with the outstanding results achieved by Muder Stud in the one-year-old fillies category after winning the gold and bronze medals in this category. He extended his thanks to Al Shaqab management for organizing this distinguished championship, which witnessed strong competition for its top positions. He noted that the two fillies, "Fareeda Muder" and "Raheef Muder," are from the first production of Muder Stud and wished success to all participants in continuing their excellent results in future competitions.



Al Shaqab International Arabian Horse Show is classified as a B show by the European Conference of Arab Horse Organisations (ECAHO), allowing winning horses to qualify for international shows of higher classification.


Results (Top 3)

Mares 4-6 Years Old (Class 7)

1. E.M Queen Desert

2. AJ Sara

3. Minerva SBA


Mares 7-10 Years Old (Class 8)

1. D Fala

2. Bint Sultan

3. Arwa Al Nasser


Mares 11+ Years Old Class 9

1. Da Magic Moment

2. HS Miesque

3. Lamana


Stallions 4-6 Years Old (Class 10)

1. Bashir Al Bashir

2. Karim Alkhaled

3. Muhab BHM

Stallions 7+ Years Old Class 11 & 12 merged 1. Badi Athbah 2. Falah Al Shaqab 3. D Jaleel


Yearling Fillies Championship

1. Farida Mudhar

2. Hariryah Al Nasser

3. Rahaf Mudhar


Yearling Colts Championship

1. Hamza Al Shahania

2. Magnums Ramses SH

3. Baheer Al Shaqab


Junior Fillies Championship

1. Shmooa Al Enaya

2. Mzoon Al Diriyah

3. Sab'ah Al Shahania


Junior Colts Championship

1. Bahi Al Jaham

2. Alsultan RJ

3. Dawood Al Muawd


Senior Mares Championship

1. DA Magic Moment

2. AJ Sara

3. E. M. Queen Desert


Senior Stallions Championship

1, Bashir Al Bashir

2. Badi Athbah

3. Falah Al Shaqab

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