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Al Shaqab National League Showjumping Event Takes Center Stage on Qatar National Sport Day

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Equine Education

Doha– Al Shaqab, a cornerstone of excellence in sports, is proud to announce the much-anticipated Al Shaqab League Showjumping Event, set to grace the Longines arena on Qatar National Sport Day, February 13, 2024. The event will run from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm and promises a thrilling showcase of equestrian prowess.

Al Shaqab, aligned with Qatar's National Vision 2030, has consistently played a pivotal role in advancing sports and fostering a culture of excellence. Al Shaqab League Showjumping Event reflects the commitment to these principles, inviting horse enthusiasts and the wider community to join in celebrating the spirit of athleticism and horsemanship.

The mission of the Al Shaqab League Showjumping Event is to establish a premier showjumping league, providing a distinguished platform for riders of diverse backgrounds. With a particular emphasis on promoting opportunities for female and junior riders, the event aims to create an inclusive and empowering atmosphere within the equestrian community.

We are pleased to announce that the upcoming event is scheduled to take place on February 13, 2024, at the Longines Indoor Arena. The event is set to commence at 9:00 am and will continue until 8:00 pm. We look forward to welcoming all attendees for a day filled with exciting activities and meaningful engagements. Save the date, and we anticipate your participation in making this event a memorable and successful occasion. The vision of the event is rooted in unwavering dedication to equine excellence. Al Shaqab aspires to shape the participating athletes into future champions who exemplify the values of sportsmanship, unity, and achievement. Al Shaqab League Showjumping Event aims to position Al Shaqab as a beacon of equestrian success, a source of pride for the region, and a trailblazer in advancing the sport globally.

Entry is open to all Riding Academy members and external athletes who meet the requirements. All classes will adhere to FEI rules and regulations, except for intro classes.

Join us in this celebration of equestrian excellence and sportsmanship. Al Shaqab League Showjumping Event welcomes all to witness the dynamic fusion of skill, passion, and camaraderie on Qatar National Sport Day.

The local tournaments include multiple categories, including training categories:

- Intro 1, Intro 2,Intro 3

- The main local categories are:

- Future Champions, Junior Champions, Youth Champions and Ladies Class.

Each round of the competition has been carefully designed to encompass diverse categories, specifically tailored to meet the unique needs and skill levels of riders across various age groups. This point system aims to determine the top-performing riders, irrespective of gender, by the season's conclusion.


Al Shaqab extends a warm invitation to all national riders, equestrian enthusiasts, and the wider community to participate in this exciting equestrian journey, reinforcing the promotion of sport and shared equestrian values.

Al Shaqab – A World-Class Facility

Since its establishment in 1992, Al Shaqab’s vision has been to build on Qatar’s Arabian horse heritage and be a leading global center for equine professionals, while providing an engaging experience for the community. Global leadership has not only meant preserving, improving, and promoting the Arabian horse breed, but also encouraging the community in this unique, traditional cultural sport. 


Today, Al Shaqab’s impressive facilities, which are distinctively designed in the shape of a horseshoe, cover 980,000 square meters. With a state-of-the-art Main Arena comprising both an indoor and outdoor venue capable of holding over 5,000 spectators, Al Shaqab is part of Qatar’s growing reputation on the world stage that showcases its ability to host major international sports event at the highest level.



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