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Stay Tuned for the Thrilling Finale of the Al Shaqab League Championship for the 2023/2024 Season

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Equine Education

The Al Shaqab League is poised to be a spectacular sporting extravaganza, spotlighting the remarkable skills of riders in the league of show jumping competitions. With an emphasis on establishing a distinguished league that provides a prominent platform for riders of various categories, this championship also aims to offer opportunities for young riders, aspiring female participants, juniors, and future champions.

Registration for this esteemed event is open to all Riding Academy members and external riders, fostering inclusivity and promoting the spirit of equestrian sportsmanship.

The local championship competitions encompass various categories, including training categories: Intro 1 category (Height 40cm), the Intro 2 category (Height 60cm), and Intro 3 category (Height 80cm). As for the main class, they include: the Future Champions - Ages 14 years old and below (Height 90cm), the Junior Champions- Ages 18 years old and below (Height 100cm), the Youth Champions- Ages 21 years old and below (Height 110cm), and Ladies Category - Ladies Amateurs (Height 90cm). Each round will feature different categories tailored to meet the needs of riders at various skill levels and age groups.

Mr. Mohammed Al Khayarin, Manager of Equine Education Department, stated: "We are honored to host the Al Shaqab League show jumping competition here at our indoor arena. This event serves as a platform for both male and female riders to showcase their skills and aspire to championship status. Witnessing the array of talent within our arena fills us with immense pride. We earnestly hope to witness these remarkable athletes qualify for prestigious international events and proudly represent Qatar on the global stage."

Al Shaqab extends a warm invitation to riders, equestrian enthusiasts, and the wider community to participate in this exhilarating equestrian journey. Together, let us uphold the values of sport and camaraderie, making the Al Shaqab League - Final Championship a memorable event for all.

In the league, we will witness who will be crowned the league champion in the main categories... Mr. Majed Al Hassani, the head of the Riding Academy, commented, saying: “The Al Shaqab League paves the way for future champions in show jumping competitions... and we are excited to see who will win the league champion title in the main categories for season 2023-2024.”

For registration, please visit Al Shaqab website or Al Shaqab social media platforms.


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